Jack Conger PGA Professional

Awards and Distinctions

2006 & 2004 CNY PGA Teacher of the Year
2006-2003 AM57 Radio Golf Talk with Joe Galuski
2005 CNY PGA Merchandiser of the Year
2005 & 2002 Golf Magazine Top Instructors in New York State
2003-1987 WIXT-Channel 9 Weekly Golf Tips with Doug Logan
2000 Founded the CNY Golf Academy
2001 Gold Digest Top Instructors in New York State
1991 CNY PGA Teacher of the Year

Notable Students

Matt Porter-Sophomore-Penn State 2010-11 Golf Team, 2005-2006-Cortland HS-AJGA event qualifier.
Brian Evans-Club Champion, BeaverMeadows Golf Club and Rogues Roost CC.
Jamie Schmidt-2010 Nazareth College Golf Team.
Andrew Farrell-Delhi College.
Ben Conger-Lemoyne College Golf Team.
Andrew Lloyd-Lemoyne College Golf Team.
Dan McCarthy-1998-2006-Lemoyne College
Winner of 3 college events in 2003, winner of the Syracuse Post-Standard Men's Amateur in 2005, qualified for the Porter Cup and Monroe Invitational and an All-American Honorable Mention for the 2004-2005 season.
Monica Hamilton-2002 to present-Tice qualified for the USGA Ladies Mid-Am.
Luke Esposito-1998 to present-Golf scholarship to Siena College.
Dottie Pepper-1986-1989-Tour LPGA Professional

In their own words...

"I have taken lessons from other professionals, and I have found Jack to have the most thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing with all clubs...."

"Jack has the ability to put a physical movement into words in a way that the actual feel of the movement can be understood by his pupils."

Joyce Cavanagh

"Upon making several inquiries to find just the right person to take lessons with, I learned that Jack Conger has an exceptional reputation for golf instruction, and is in fact considered to be one of the very best instructors in the Syracuse area."

"Jack usually begins each lesson by video taping my swing; viewing it with me to identify any problemsin my setup, swing, follow through, etc. .... Jack takes pride in each of his student's progress."

Ann Baum